Keith Davis
Contemporary Native American Flute Music

When you hear Keith play you never know what style he will be playing. I have heard him play Native American, Blues, Light Jazz, Irish, Gospel, Spanish or Gypsy, etc and a lot of cover songs, plus the songs he has written. When you think you have heard it all he will start playing two flutes at one time. On songs like Amazing Grace, Hey Jude and other cover songs plus what he has written and he puts his heart into all his music.             

I can only say it is amazing to watch and listen to Keith play one flute or two flutes at one time. If you ever get a chance to hear him, you will enjoy the diversity on the Native American Flute and the passion he plays with.             

If you ask Keith about his playing he will just say "he just likes to play". Keith also won't tell you that he won Musical Echoes Flute playing Competition in 2009 or that he has played at Native Rhythms and Musical Echoes or all the rest of what he has done.  He is able to get music out of the Native American Flute that I never thought it would play.

The flutes Keith plays are made by Dana Ross. Please visit Dana's website at

For Booking, you can contact Keith at

Cherokee Songkeeper
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